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How Does A Pharmacist Have to Be?

Before you read it, I want to tell you that, this is just my opinion. It is perhaps a wrong opinion, yet also right.
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 How Does A Pharmacist Have to Be?

            Nowadays we still meet with a lot of problems in health’s world, include the problems of medical taken in people drugs consuming. For example, misunderstanding of consuming drugs, having mistake on giving the drugs, doing non effective treatment, and many others.
            And then who is person whom takes this responsibility? One of answer is Pharmacist, besides the patient who consumes the drugs and doctor who writes the recipe. Why does it go on Pharmacist? The reason is it is one of obligations and duties from a pharmacist.
            According to KepMenKes No. 1029/Menkes/SK/IX/2004, Pharmacist is bachelor of Pharmacy who has permitted study of profession and has taken the oath based on valid law and have qualified to do the job as a pharmacist. The obligations and jobs are :
1.      Taking responsibility of drug making.
2.      Stay in dispensary for doing job. It is regulated in Law of Pharmacy No. 23 Year 1992 About Healthy.
3.      Obligated to give information about drugs which are given to patient.
4.      Having recipe discussion with doctor.
5.      Take care of patient secret.
(Nur Hamid Sutanto, A.Md, 2009)
A type of responsibility in handling the problems which is mentioned above is by being a good pharmacist, who does surely job and obligation besides having the competence. Otherwise, pharmacist is also need having good skill in communication public. Why? Because a pharmacist has direct contact with the patients, it is very important for our ability on giving information about how to consume drugs safely.
Considering the pharmacist has an important role in making Indonesian Health People and free from problems about misunderstanding of consuming and using the drugs, so we need a pharmacist who is able to do the job well and greatly.

Bibliography : pharmacy.uii.ac.id


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