Sabtu, 31 Desember 2011

2011 : Some Starts

Last day in 2011!

Should we sad? :( Or HAPPY?

Whatever happened in this year, at least we have to say BIG THANKS to God who willingly gives us another WONDERFUL year! 

For me, personally, this year is unforgettable!!
I just started some new experiences ^^
Thank, Lord!
You`re always the BEST!
I got a lot of new friends and many others~
There are lots of events too which successfully being held~
This year I start to join in Asianfanfics, kkkkkk~~
writing short story in English, and thankful some people like that.
I also join in English club, let see the progress next year, ohoho~
I got friend from Singapore too, she ask me to meet her in Jakarta if she visit Indonesia..
2011, I just became INSPIRIT!
Hahahaha, just wish me luck for this ;)
I sang INFINITE`s Paradise in our first gathering and got prize because of got most of applause :P

Hmmmm, there are too much events if I tell you here, so I`ll just post the photos, okay?
Eh, almost forget! I even made this account in 2011!
Hahahaha, welcome to this blog~~~
I hope I can take care of you very well, Blog! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ~~~

For some review, errr~~~
There are too much mistakes which had been done this year :(
Need more improving next year...
For school, hmmmmm~~~~ I`m not pretty sure, but just KEEP FIGHTING!!!

I LOVE YOUUUU~~ <3<3 <3

It`s INSPIRIT 1st Gathering for Jogja region ^^
Held in 18th December 2011 in Kofe Noir, Kaliurang :p

It`s Bike-convoy for "Safe the Earth"!

It`s just a ~~~~~~~ *speechless* :(

 It`s Merapi Mountain from Lempuyangan Bridge  ^^

It`s for the first time I went to Fruit Garden Mangunan ^^

It`s another event from LENSA Photography ^^

Joined in MURI INDONESIA! ^^

Celebrated Anniversary ^^

Pharmaceutical Practical  Exam!! ~.~

 Held Poster Competition for Senior High School ^^

Microbiological Practice!!! :p

It`s the first time I went to PASTRY, Market Pets and its stuffs

This time, I just bought new ring! lol~ I wear this until now.. :p

Went to PARANGTRITIS Beach! ^0^

It`s another moment in Mangunan with LENSA ^^

I forgot what name this beach is ~.~ But It`s just funny when looked at person fishing in coast!

It`s just a random shoot in Bantul :p

Crop circle in Yogyakarta :p

<3 <3


Rabu, 14 Desember 2011

Candle & Principle of Chemistry Exam

Gyahahha, there were old pictures anyway~
I took it in the first year being college student... :P *now I`m in second year*

Behind the scene :
Night came. Tomorrow would be held Principle of Chemistry exam. But I was too sleepy and too lazy to study. *bad habit* -____-
So I decided to go to sleep first, so I could wake up earlier for studying. *P-l-a-n-n-i-n-g*
Time went by, second per second was spent in the dark.


Alarm rang! It`s midnite already.
Okay, even too sleepy I had to study... -.-
Just opened some pages, and then~~~~~~

BRAT!!! light-OFF. LIGHT OFF!!!
WHAT THE HECK?? I just started studying!!! *fainted* *felt sorry not study earlier* TT

Okay, just step forward! Set the candle on! XD
Wowwww~~ I love candle, I don`t know why.
Since I also love photography, so I decided to take some photos.
Okay, SOME photos, okay??
Okay?? then STUDY!!

1st picture. 'Hmmm, good."
2nd picture. "Oh, not really good. I dislike the angle."
3rd picture. "Hmmm, I`ll try another angle."
4th picture. "Does it similar with the previous? Change."
183rd picture. "What time is it??"


*Deep sigh*
Alright, off. Have to study.
Focus! *opened the book*

Hmmm... okay... I understand...
Eh? Like that? I just knew the formula!
Waw, how to do this number?
Eww, hard..
asdfghhjkkl, there`s nothing easier??!

Finally~~~~ It`s morning....
"It`s morning, eo??" *stupid question*

I`m not sure I can do this exam -____-"
.the end

Here is it, some of pictures!!!

I took by mobile phone, 2 Megapixel, so maybe quality isn`t really good in the dark.
Which one do you like better? ^^


Hahahah, I`m crazy about this group these days!
Listening their songs along day~ Watching their music video while having free time~ Browsing their latest info while online~ Typing their story while having much time~ Looking for their latest photoshoot while opening facebook and google~
Hahahah, what a fan girl thing! -________-''

I just changed twitter avatar, being like this :
Hahahah, I was in deep boredom while waiting for analysis of chemistry pretest. -_-"
So I did that. LOL~
Since their logo looks good, I created it :P
Not really good as its original.
It`s the original picture :

But they also have another logo for their previous mini album :

Anyway, if you meet that twitter avatar above, that means me ;)
My twitter uname? Find it out by yourself, I hit you some clues actually. *If you notice that*
See yaaa~~~ ;)

Cooking Time : Ddukbokkie!!

There are 2 kinds of recipes for ddukbokkie.

Ingredients for hot spicy ddukbokkie:
Tube shaped rice cake for ddukbokkie (about 300 grams)hot pepper paste,  sugar, water,  dried anchovies, and green onions.

  1. Separate the tubes of rice cake into individual pieces.
  2. In a pan, pour 4 cups of water and add 7 large dried anchovies after removing their heads and intestines. Boil the water for 10 minutes over medium heat.
  3. Remove the anchovies and add the rice cakes, 4-6 tbs of hotpepper paste, 1 tbs of sugar, and 1 tbs of hotpepper flakes (optional). Stir it constantly.
  4. Cut 7 green onions into 5 cm long pieces, and add them to the pot.
  5. Keep stirring until the sauce is thick and the rice cake is shiny.
  6. Transfer it to a plate and serve!

Ingredients for mild ddukbokkie:
1 package of rice cake, beef strips, soy sauce, sugar, garlic, onion, king oyster mushrooms, water

  1. Saute 200 grams of beef strips with 2 tbs soy sauce, 1 tbs sugar, 2 cloves minced garlic, and 3 tbs of sliced onion.
  2. Add 3-4 sliced king oyster mushrooms and 2 chopped green onions to “1″  and stir it.
  3. Add 1 cup of water and put rice cake in it and keep folding until rice cake is soft
  4. Serve it on a plate and eat it when it is warm

(Credit :

Cooking time : Kimbap!!

I bring something! ^0^ (Credit :

How to Make Kimbap

How to Make Gimbap - Popular Korean Fast Food Kimbap

What is Kimbap?
Gimbap or Kimbap is a Korean fast food or snack that is popular among Koreans. It literally means ’seaweed (cooked) rice’. It’s made from steamed rice (bap) and various ingredients wrapped and rolled in a sheet of seaweed (gim or kim). It’s served in bite-size slices, usually with Kimchi or pickled radish (danmuji). Among non-Koreans, it’s also known as Korean Sushi.

What are the basic ingredients?
Rice(bap): It should be sticky rice. Usually gimbap is made from white rice because it tastes better and looks prettier. But to make it healthy, mix white rice and brown rice, 1:1.


Picked radish(danmuji) or cucumber: Danmuji can be replaced with cucumber. Many people buy danmuji from stores for convenience rather than make it themselves. Most danmuji from stores has chemicals for taste and coloring to some level. It can be made at home, but it’s additional work. Cucumber can be a good replacement for danmuji to make it healthy and save time.

Making Kimbap - Danmuji Pickled Radish
- Danmuji that you can buy from Korean grocery stores

Spinach: This can be replaced with other green vegetables.

SPAM: To make it healthy, you can replace this with soy sausage or vegetable sausage. I get mine from Trader Joe’s.

Korean fish cake or crab meat: You can buy these from Korean groceries.
Kimbap Ingredient - Korean Crab Meat


How to make kimbap?
1. Get ingredients ready: Kimbap is usually considered as fast food or a snack, but it can take an hour or more, especially for a beginner, to have all ingredients ready. But once you get used to it, it will be easier and faster as in other cookings.

(1) Start to cook rice. It takes 30 to 50 minutes depending on what kind of rice you cook or what kind of method you use.

(2) Crack 3 or 4 eggs into a bowl. Add salt and mix it well. Pan-fry and cut it lengthwise with a little over a quarter inch width.

(3) Boil 4 or 5 cups of water to cook spinach. When water boils, boil spinach less than 10 seconds. If it’s too long, all good vitamins of spinach could be lost and its color changes. Rinse spinach with cold water and squeeze all the water out. Add sesame oil, salt and some sesame seeds if you have.

(4) Slice carrots in 2 inch length and stir-fry. Add some salt.

(5) If you have danmuji, cut it lengthwise in a quarter inch width. If you have cucumber, peel it and cut in lengthwise about a little less than a half inch. Add some salt and leave it for about 10 minutes. Rinse it with water and squeeze the water out.

(6) If you have Korean fish cake or crab meat, cut it lengthwise about a quarter inch width. Fish cake and crab meat from grocery stores are not the healthiest food, but if we have it once it a while, it should be okay.

(7) Beef: Especially when you have SPAM, fish cake or crab meat, you can easily pass this. If you want to add beef, slice it into small pieces and stir-fry with some seasonings.

Kimbap Ingredients - Spinach, SPAM, Carrots
- Carrots, Spinach and soy sausage

Gimbap Ingredients - Eggs, Korean Crab Meat, Cucumber
- Eggs, crab meat and cucumber

(8) Finally rice again: When the rice is fully cook, add some salt, sesame oil, sesame seeds and mix them well.

Making Gimbap - Add Salt and Oil to Sticky Rice

2. Let’s roll!
If you have a bamboo mat, rolling will be so much easier. It’s about $1 or $2 from many Korean groceries.
Place a sheet of kim (dry seaweed) on the bamboo mat. Put about a cup of rice on the center of the seaweed and using a spoon, spread it evenly over the 2/3 or less of the seaweed from the bottom.

Place a little bit of each ingredient on a single line and start to roll it up. Roll it slowly and gently. Every time you roll, pause and squeeze the roll a little bit to tighten the ingredients together.
At the end, place some rice at the end edge of the seaweed to seal the roll, if necessary - sticky rice is a good glue.

Making Kimbap - Place all on Kim

3. Cutting
Remove the bamboo mat and slice up the gimbap roll. Every so often, wipe your knife with some sesame oil. Otherwise, the knife will be too sticky because of small rice pieces taken while cutting kimbap.
In Korea, it’s a tradition that kids bring kimbap for seasonal excursions or special events.

Kimbap Gimbap Korean Sushi

I`m Back!

Hi yeoooooomm!!!!
I`m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!
Yeaaaahh, happy now?? XD *dancing*

But, sorry, I didnt bring anything... -____-"
Honestly, I have a lot of things to post, but kinda a lil bit busy ><
Sorry, I`ll try to update it soon, okay?

So what should we do now?
Do you wanna ask something? ==a *thinking*

Okay, I`ll try to update something now~~~
What about Korean? :P
Here we go!!!!