Rabu, 14 Desember 2011


Hahahah, I`m crazy about this group these days!
Listening their songs along day~ Watching their music video while having free time~ Browsing their latest info while online~ Typing their story while having much time~ Looking for their latest photoshoot while opening facebook and google~
Hahahah, what a fan girl thing! -________-''

I just changed twitter avatar, being like this :
Hahahah, I was in deep boredom while waiting for analysis of chemistry pretest. -_-"
So I did that. LOL~
Since their logo looks good, I created it :P
Not really good as its original.
It`s the original picture :

But they also have another logo for their previous mini album :

Anyway, if you meet that twitter avatar above, that means me ;)
My twitter uname? Find it out by yourself, I hit you some clues actually. *If you notice that*
See yaaa~~~ ;)

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