Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

Long Time No See!!!

Looooooooooooooooooooooong time no see!!!

~ ~ \(!!˚☐˚)/

Almost one year ain`t touching this blog.
(۳ ˚Д˚)۳

To be honest, there are lots of things that i wanna share here, but time didn`t allow to do, so yeah, one year. Σ ( °┌┐ ° !! )

ONE YEAR didn`t write here. But actually, i`m still active in another blog, so it`s not really bad as a weird writer, at least i`m still writing! 
   \__~(˘▾˘~)   Okay, i had some event, but ain`t got much photos, so yeah, a lil bit hard to share. But i`ll try later to share /if time is allowed to do/. :pSee you soon!!!       


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